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    In 1989, 500,000 young people from around the world gathered in Spain for World Youth Day. The world was stunned. Why had these young people come to see this Pope? What could have attracted them? A journalist asked the Holy Father how he had gotten the idea for World Youth Day. What had he come to see? His response was astonishing: “I have come to greet the martyrs of the third millennium.”

    The Eagle Eye School of Evangelization draws its inspiration from this vision of young people. In a special way, it desires to make the summons to a New Evangelization issued by Pope Paul VI in his 1975 encyclical letter On Evangelization in the Modern World a reality for men and women of today. Through an incessant effort of conversion to Christ, the participants will gain the zeal and intelligence necessary to pass on the Church’s ancient Faith to modern man by modern means.

    To this end, the School of Evangelization will strive to form young disciples of Christ, ready to spread the Gospel:

    • By plunging them in a direct and intimate knowledge of the Person of Christ
    • By directly engaging them in the concrete work of the New Evangelization.
    • By allowing them to bear witness to others
    • By providing a real formation in knowledge of the arts and culture
    • By offering the opportunity to learn necessary skills for Youth Ministry


    The Eagle Eye School of Evangelization will form the young people according to the Word of God as held by the Faith of the Roman Catholic Church and expressed by the Church Fathers and St. Thomas Aquinas, and lived according to the particular charism of the Congregation of St. John. This particular charism was given to the Church through the life and writings of its founder, Father Marie Dominique Philippe, O.P.

    Students enrolled in the School of Evangelization choose to live together for ten months within the context of the life of the Brothers and Sisters of St. John. Two Brothers in particular will work directly with the students, effectively providing them with the formation they seek.  They will be engaged in the following aspects of Christian life and teaching: liturgical prayer, personal prayer, Philosophy and Theology classes, Lection Divina (divine reading of the Word of God), formation for evangelization, apostolate work, and formation for youth ministry.  Those young men and women who are accepted into the program will receive the very best formation which the Brothers and Sisters can offer at the service of the New Evangelization.

    Living together, working together, praying together, these young people will form a community of friends of Jesus, earnestly seeking to make him known and loved, like the first Christians. They will live a common life focused on hearing Christ’s cry of thirst so as to make known his merciful love in the modern world.

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